Teaching Tools and Class Management

MathWiz has developed Teaching and Class Management Tools to help teachers enhance the delivery of their program. It is a great alternative to the traditional textbook and suited for a Blended Learning classroom where teachers can incorporate an online learning resource with their their own teaching.

Descriptions of the Learning Tools are on the Learning Tools for the Student page. They include animated lessons for the courses, Study Guide questions for the lessons, online practice problems, and practice tests and exams.

Recommended to parents as a resource for them to use when helping their children at home and for use during a prolonged absence from class.

Create Account  Teachers and students can start using the sample lessons in the Classroom area without a subscription.

Use "Guest Teacher" access to view samples of the Teaching Tools listed below and lessons or other Learning Tools available to the students.

Class Management

Create and manage classes up to 32 students and monitor their progress.


Assign MathWiz created assessments to students or create your own and assign.
Reports are provided instantly to students and teacher.

  • Diagnostic Tests for students entering Grade 9 to help the teacher identify level of proficiency and readiness with strand expectations from Grade 8 that are needed for Grade 9.
  • Diagnostic Tests for each unit in the Grade 9 or 10 courses that can be taken during the course.
  • Tests and Assignments that cover various sets of expectations.
Benefits to the teacher and student:

  • Applied or Academic ?    Use data to recommend placement of students in appropriate level entering Grade 9
  • Credit Recovery Class   Identify which strands student needs to complete for their credit
  • Review  Prepare students ahead of time by identifying gaps in understanding that need review
  • Motivation and Accountability   Build attitudes to learn through self-evaluation and independent learning opportunities
  • Math Profile   Prepare student math profile for the next course teacher
  • Grade 8 Students  Provide opportunity to the Grade 8 teachers in your family of schools and ask to assign Diagnostics to Grade 8 students at the end of the year

Document Uploader

Teachers can upload a document (PDF, DOCX, e.g.) where it is saved in their Documents tab. Assign to students in the class for download from their homepage.

Message Board

Teachers can list instructions such as which lessons to watch and Study Guides to complete, other homework and general announcements. These instructions are posted on the Students' homepage and archived for future use by the student when absent from class.

Study Guide Completion Form

Teachers can record completed Study Guide lesson reviews and use as formative evaluation or diagnostic data if they wish. These reviews give an indication that the lessons were studied.

Progress Reports

Reports are available to students and teachers to view progress by lesson, unit or full course.
Data on the reports reflect:

  • percentage of each video watched
  • number of practice problems completed
  • assessment scores
  • Study Guides completed
This data can be used as Formative Evaluation.

Tips on Using MathWiz

Other Points of Interest

    Promote watching lessons with Study Guide Reviews for better understanding

    The Study Guide review questions are ideal for students to promote re-watching the concepts in the lessons and studying them for better understanding. Each review has a short set of questions tied directly to specific parts of the lesson so students have to re-watch and study the lesson to answer the questions successfully. Use the questions as review in class and/or as a HW check.

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    Practice Problems for each lesson

    Each lesson has a set of practice problems. These are a great way for the students to practice what they have just learned. And hints are provided if their first answer is incorrect.

    Completion of problems is recorded in their Progress Reports as number completed and how may tries it took by lesson, unit and whole course.

    As a teacher you can diagnose areas that need more improvement for an individual or class.

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    Message Board

    The Message Board is a great way to keep your students up to date about what to watch and complete on MathWiz plus your other daily lesson plans. The form is simple to use and does not take much time to complete.

    And best of all, the messages are archived so if anyone is absent they can refer back in time to find out what was missed.

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