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The year 2020 marked a monumental shift in the way students learn and teachers teach. Online learning ... or distance/remote learning ... has become an integral part of the learning and teaching process and has created a heightened need for effective online digital learning resources that can be more "engaging" and less "remote". Whether homeschooling or regular school learning is the choice, parents and students have entered a new era of educational expectations.

MathWiz is an online resource for helping students learn the Grades 9 and 10 Mathematics courses of the Ontario Ministry of Education. Students have engaging animated videos of lessons with supporting Study Guides to learn the ideas from, Practice Problems to apply the ideas, and Practice Tests and Exams. Progress Reports that monitor student progress are a click or 2 away and parents can follow what their child is completing and learning.

NEW Grade 9 Mathematics (De-streamed Course)

The new 2021 Ministry curriculum for Grade 9 Mathematics De-streamed MTH1W has replaced the Grade 9 Academic Level MPM1D course. This new course still has many if not most of topics that were in the Academic course but also now includes new topics of study. Teachers and students can still use the lessons and learning materials that remain in the new course but new material for the course has not been developed yet.

MathWiz is great for homeschooling or for students who are enrolled in their school and who can use it to complement their teacher's lessons. Thousands of students across Ontario have used it and enjoyed it, as well as many teachers with their classes.

AVAILABLE 247  Can fit every student's scheduling needs.

Descriptions of the Learning materials link.

To enrol in the MathWiz program, a one-time course subscription per selected time period is needed.
The fees are listed on the Pricing Plans page for students. There is an option for a 3 month, 6 month or Full Year subscription.

Benefits to the Student:
  • Curriculum  Very similar to what would be encountered in class. Updates for the new Grade 9 curriculum will be made during the year.
  • Learning   Study Guides with provided answers provided to help the student analyse the video lesson by asking pertinent questions about the lesson. Practice problems let students apply knowledge. Practice tests and exam questioning are like those in school.
  • Flexibility   Students can access the content 247 and study whenever they want.
  • Progress Reports  Students can view their progress in the practice problems and watching the lessons.